Proudly Serving South Carolina with Estate Planning Services

Estate planning can be challenging regardless of what your net worth is. We understand that not everyone has millions of dollars but we also understand you want control over who gets your assets after your death. Generally, you can ensure your assets are distributed per your wishes by having a will in place. However, there are many more considerations than asset distribution which should go into an overall estate plan.

Estate Planning Documents You Should Consider

In addition to a will, you may also wish to have a living will and powers of attorney for both your finances and your medical care. Other important documents may include special needs trusts designed for beneficiaries who are disabled, either physically or mentally, so they can enjoy the use of property that is held in the trust for their benefit, while at the same time allowing them to receive essential needs-based government benefits. You may want to include a trust in your will to provide specific instructions on the manner in which certain beneficiaries receive their inheritance. You may even want a trust to provide for your pet. Since no two people have the same needs, we can discuss what preparation is best for your specific situation.

I Understand Your Time Is Valuable

Taking time away from your family, friends or work is challenging and because attorney hours are typically the same as working hours, many people put off talking about these important matters. This is one of the reasons that we offer virtual appointments with clients and potential clients. Since your time is valuable, we can “meet” virtually to determine what your estate planning needs are and develop a plan of action to put your wishes into proper legal format.

Another advantage I offer clients is cost savings. Because my “office” has very low overhead, I can pass that savings on to my clients. Clients are not only saving time, but they are saving money. If you need help with any of the important issues surrounding planning your estate, contact The Law Office of Anne Marie Sibal at (864) 416-1332 and let us help you establish the legal documents that you need.