wills-attorney-greenville-sc-anne-marie-sibalChances are if you are like most people under 50, you haven’t given much thought to preparing a will. However, regardless of the size of your estate, your marital status and your age, having a will in place makes good sense. We never know what life will send our way and ensuring your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes after your death is important. Here are some of the things you should know about preparing a will:

  • There is no one-size-fits all approach
  • Having a will can minimize family tensions after your death
  • A will allows you to control the distribution of your assets and property

Beware Template Wills Available At Low Cost

Remember the old saying that you get what you pay for? When your will is drawn up, there is a certain amount of customization that must be included. After all, your wishes and the wishes of your best friend are not the same, so chances are your wills will be slightly different. In addition, someone who is married and someone who is single will typically not have the same needs when preparing a will. My goal is simple: To ensure that your final wishes are documented properly so when you are gone, your family understands what your intentions were regarding your assets.

Protecting Your Loved Ones After Your Death

Regardless of what you have for assets including real estate, bank accounts or family heirlooms, your goal is to ensure the person you designate owns those assets after you have died. When you and I work together to prepare your will, we’ll discuss what assets you have in your name alone and make sure we designate the person you want to control that asset after your death. When you have life insurance policies, retirement accounts or jointly held property, that property will go to the named beneficiary or the joint owner but typically, these are not the only assets you hold. Together, we’ll make sure we have a plan in place to distribute those non-beneficiary or singly held assets according to your wishes.

Will preparation is important for a number of reasons but the primary reason is to ensure your property is distributed in accordance with your wishes. Without a will, anyone can claim ownership and a long, drawn out court battle could ensue over your property. You can avoid these types of problems today by contacting The Law Office of Anne Marie Sibal at (864) 416-1332 or by using my online contact form. Remember, we offer virtual services so your time is protected; we can do this from the comfort of your home.