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Let’s Get Personal (Property Memoranda)

One of the most important things I tell my clients is that a little preparation goes a long way to preventing long-term family discord. For example, when Momma’s will leaves “everything to my four sons,” how are they to divide out Momma’s worldly goods in a way that is fair and equitable? What if one [..]

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The Importance of Powers (of Attorney)…

As much as we all like to believe we are invincible, it’s a hard truth of life that we are not. What if an accident or illness left you unable to tell your doctors what kind of medical treatment you desire, or made it impossible to handle your finances? Medical and financial powers of attorney [..]

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Choosing a Guardian for your Children

I could try to make this sound more “fun” but there’s nothing enjoyable about discussing distressing things. However, as parents we are all familiar with braving upsetting things to get the right result, and this is definitely the right thing to do for your children. So let’s just cut to the chase… Parents, you need [..]

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